Teacher Carlos Rigueira has five bachelor’s degrees and two specialist’s degrees:

  • German from HU – Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
  • Russian from MGU – Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russia
  • Portuguese and Spanish from UNICID – University of the City of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Teaching degree in Pedagogy from UNICID
  • Teaching degree in Music from UNIMES – Metropolitan University of Santos, Brazil
  • Specialization in Infant Education from UNICSUL – Cruzeiro do Sul University of São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Specialization in Education at a Distance (EAD) from UNICSUL

Currently working on a doctoral project at LMU – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

He is fluent in the following languages: German | Russian | English | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese

He takes private lessons in Japanese – proficiency level 4 (intermediate) – at OrbisIdiomas

He has lived in the following countries:
Germany (Berlin)
Russia (Moscow)
Chile (Santiago)
Argentina (Buenos Aires)

He is the author of the books Línguas – comoobtersucesso no aprendizado [Languages – How to obtain success in learning] and Método Natural de Aprendizado: Conceitos e Aplicações [Natural Learning Method: Concepts and Applications].
Carlos Rigueira is 46 and already has professional experience of 36.000 teaching hours.